Screw Your Resolutions! Aim For World Domination In ‘Evil Quest’

We have all played the hero in many epic action-RPG titles, but what about playing the villain for once? That is exactly what Evil Quest is all about. It’s developer, Chaosoft Games, have now announced that Evil Quest will be released on January 4th 2012 on the Xbox Live Indie Game store for 80 MSP, or a $1 for those ‘real world’ people.


In Evil Quest you take up the role of the dark knight Galvis, and instead of aiming to save this epic fantasy world, your aim is to take all of the power for yourself! Featuring a retro style with 100% original artwork, animation, and music; Evil Quest looks like an absolute steal for any retro-style RPG fan at its asking price. In addition to fighting monsters, Galvis will also terrorize the residents of several towns – a feature we hope will cater to the humor we so dearly crave.


The goal of the game is for Galvis to take revenge on his captors as well as unlock the secret power of four legendary seals. Players will find a variety of weapons, items, and magic spells to increase their power as they play through the quest. The game also allows the player to customize areas of proficiency during level-ups by assigning points to particular attributes.


Much more info and a bucket-load of screenshots are available on the official website. Follow Chaosoft Games on Twitter @ChaosoftGames to stay on top of the news as well!

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