September 2015 | Issue 53 Sneak Peek – Drifting Across the Star Ocean

The Summer may have come and gone, but IGM is still here to deliver on our promise of exciting indie game content! This month, we take a look at a brand new JRPG that’s been in the works for the past two years. Developed by Zeboyd Games, the duo behind the final two entries in the Penny Arcade Rainslick Precipice series as well as Cthulhu Saves the World, Cosmic Star Heroine tells the story of an intergalactic super spy as she uncovers a life-threatening conspiracy. Classic JRPG gameplay merges with interesting new combat tactics to provide an experience that stays fresh and doesn’t require grinding. (A JRPG that doesn’t require grinding? Heresy!) Don’t miss our in-depth Cover Story!


If a galaxy-spanning spy thriller doesn’t sound exciting enough, this month’s subfeature is all about putting the indie pedal to the indie metal. It’s been a long, winding road for Super Indie Karts, but developer One Legged Seagull has managed to create what might just be the ultimate indie game crossover. Rekindling the fiery passion of 90s kart racer nostalgia, Super Indie Karts infuses modern amenities into classic mechanics that will feel familiar to fans of Super Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing. Guest starring racers and tracks from other indie game franchises, SIK wants to bring Mode 7-style racing to a new generation.


Take a look at this month’s sneak peek preview, followed by a snippet of our Cover Story to hopefully whet the ol’ appetite. Of course, we’ve got plenty of reviews, previews, exclusives, and interviews as well. Not to mention the fan-favorite Screenshot Monthly segment to close out the issue:


As with most JRPGs, CSH has different environments for Alyssa and her party of up to four total members to explore, solving various environmental puzzles in between fighting enemies. But unlike other JRPGs, enemies are visible on screen and there are no random battles. In fact, there is no loading screen between fights or any alternate battle arenas. Fights take place right in the environment, so characters just walk up to enemies, get into position, and then combat begins. Once its starts, there is a turn-order column on the right-hand side of the screen, which displays when both party members and enemies will attack. Beyond that, players have access to detailed statistics, such as how much health both their characters and enemies have left, the current status effects and ailments affecting both sides, notes about enemy weaknesses, and how many turns it will take before any of the characters enter Hyper mode.


Hyper mode is something that triggers every few rounds, though the specific rate depends on the individual character. Once active, characters deal increased damage or provide more powerful healing for a single turn. This adds a further layer of strategy and tactical decision making to turn order, as players who time their attacks, healing, and item actions around Hyper Mode can maximize their efficiency.


As always, below you’ll find a look at this month’s Front Cover (click to enlarge) and a listing of some additional content found this issue.


Also Featured this Month: The return of Ultima! That’s right, we’ve got an interview with the mind behind Underworld Ascendant, to answer all those burning questions. Why has the series been dormant for so long? How did an indie studio manage to grab hold of rights previously owned by Electronic Arts? What can long time fans expect from their return to The Stygian Abyss? Find out in the latest issue of IGM!


Reviewed this Month: Card Hunter, Executive Assault, Galacide,
Grand Designer, Satellite Reign


Previewed this Month: Beyond Sol, Crest, Dungeon League, Scraps


Extended Previews this Month: GRAV, Gunnheim, Zombie Playground


Indie Ads this month: It’s Killing Time, RETRO Magazine


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