Set Your Faces To Stunned: ‘Zineth’ Gameplay

Zineth is a student project that just has to be highlighted. It was put together in just two months and is an incredible effort, if just to look at in motion, though we should be able to play it ourselves soon. They call themselves the Arcade Kids – a telling moniker which they seem more than happy to live up to, though not when dishing the details on Zineth fortunately.


In truth, Zineth is very much a visual splendor that could most certainly have the ability to arouse an excitement in people without the need for anything exciting on the gameplay end of things. Bold lines and striking colors go a long way it seems. Let’s not be too hasty in our scepticism though, when probed about the idea of Zineth having anything else to offer other than grinding along rails to a boldy colored blur, they came out with this corker:


“The game takes place in a world where everyone is obsessed about a cellphone game (which is what you see at the end of the video), you are working for a zine trying to gather materials and distribute it in an attempt to re-familiarize people with the world beyond their phone that they have forgotten. The cellphone game is completely playable itself, it is a mindless grindy arena shooter, and you can even challenge the npcs to battles. We attempt to use the story to get the player exploring so then they can just cruise around aware of the potential paths available to them.”


Sounds very intriguing, and no doubt there will be those who will connect this to some kind of commentary on modern life – you know, always looking at your phone etc. There’s certainly room for such an interpretation, is all we’re saying.


The current state of the game is that it shall be released soon, the developers are just working on it so that those without gamepads will have a much better time. Gameplay is below, enjoy – unless the music isn’t to your taste (maybe too chaotic?)

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