Single Player Co-Op? ‘Reset’ Announced, First Screenshots Are Unbelievable

Our hearts jump about in excitement when a game comes out of the blue, looks fantastic and already has us scratching our heads within the first two minutes of hearing about it. That is exactly what just happened when we stumbled across Theory Interactive’s newly announced Reset – a “single player co-op first person puzzle game”. Yes, you read that right.


Upon reading the description of Reset, we actually had a bit of a giggle, “I think these developers have missed the conjunction here”, we said after reading on the Reset blog that the game involves “single player co-op”.


“Ha ha ha, how can a game be single player co-op? That’s just silly”, we told each other. Our laughter soon came to a halt upon opening up the About page on the website though, where it quite clearly says the following:


““Single player co-op?” you ask. The unique game mechanic in Reset is the ability to travel back in time to solve puzzles co-operatively, with yourself. Confusing? Light will be shed.”


Who’s the idiot now then, huh?


In a sudden gasp of excitement we then scanned from corner to corner on every page of the website in pure fascination. “My god this is insane – look at these screenshots!” we were then shouting at each other while doing pirouettes and other feats of un-masculine behaviour in our excitement. Indeed look at these “four unedited real time screenshots”.


We’re doubtful that these are actually during gameplay as opposed to during pre-rendered scenes, but frankly my dear, we don’t give a damn. What we can make out of these is that you are more than likely going to be playing a robot, quite a large one at that. There’s definitely a focus on mechanics and other robot-related things so presumably the puzzles will be too. The rest of the environment is very natural looking though, although it does look a bit like an abandoned settlement of some kind, perhaps.


The developer says that the game will be a PC exclusive and as they have only just announced (and teased) the game, there is no sign of a potential release window. They did add that they were listening to the song Signs by Aes Dana (above) which gives a hint to the serene atmosphere they are going for, which, along with the story, is apparently a heavy emphasis of Reset.


More information on Reset can be found on the game’s official website, follow the developer on Twitter too, just in case!

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