‘Sir, You Are Being Hunted’ Alpha Opens August 19 to All Pre-Orders and Kickstarter Backers

Rock, Paper, Shotgun hunk and upstart game developer Jim Rossignol has shared some major announcements regarding his team Big Robot’s procedurally-generated survival stealth sim Sir, You Are Being Hunted. In a new video showing off the upcoming title’s latest biome (posted below), Rossignol revealed that the game’s open alpha release is set to launch August 19 – meaning in just one month all Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers can entrench themselves henceforth in deadly sessions of hide-and-seek with gentlemen robot hunters.


Rossignol also revealed that the 900 or so Kickstarter backers who originally donated £30 or more during the successful campaign will gain access to an updated closed alpha test starting next week. No word on when a beta or final release for the game is tentatively planned, but who cares? A playable build is on the horizon!

Sir, You Are Being Hunted can be pre-ordered now for $20 through the Humble Store. The purchase gets you a DRM-free cross-platform copy of the game for PC, Mac and Linux. A Steam version is also planned at a later date and, so long as they get the opportunity to do so, Big Robot aims to offer up keys for anyone who supported the pre-Steam version at that time.


[Sir, You Are Being Hunted Kickstarter]

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