Sony Release A Browser Version Of ‘Minecraft’, Play On Any Website

Sony have released a free, condensed version of Minecraft which you can play in your browser over any website – you can see it below over IGM for instance.


Before you get excited, this version of Minecraft that Sony are touting is not quite what you think it is. It’s a fun little gimmick and we agree it is pretty cool, but it’s not the free browser version of Minecraft that you think it is.


What we have here is a Java overlay called Minecraft Anywhere which allows the player to use a pickaxe to dig down through the surface of the website in true Minecraft style, or you can unleash a Creeper which chases your cursor around before blowing up.


To make this little gimmick come to life you’ll have to head over to the Sony Mobile US Facebook page and drag the bookmarklet up into your bookmarks tab. From there, go to any website and click on the bookmark to unleash this little version of Minecraft over the top.


Sony also want us to tell you that the Xperia Play version of Minecraft has recently had a Survival Mode added to it. Now we feel dirty. More information on Minecraft can be found on the game’s official website.

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