‘Sprinkle’ Comes To Mac, Wins IMGA Best Casual Game

Mediocre are completely ignoring their own name as their chirpy little game, Sprinkle, has been awarded Best Casual Game by IMGA and, coincidentally, the game has just come to Mac.


This one is a bit of a PR dream – just as Sprinkle is about to be released for Mac (previously being iOS and Android only), the game then wins the Best Casual Game Award from the IMGA. Impressive feat and no doubt well deserved, well I guess you can find out now if you have one of the compatible platforms.


The back story behind this water squirting puzzler is quite amusing, simply because it is us clumsy humans causing disaster as usual – we’ll never learn! What happened was we were exploring space as we do, then crashed into Saturn’s rings and brought a hell fire on to the moon Titan, where the game takes place. Your job then, as the local fire brigade, is to put out the fires. Score is all important of course though – using less water by getting the angle and height right is all essential.


You can purchase Sprinkle on the App Store, the Android Marketplace and now the Mac App Store.


More information on Sprinkle can be found on the official website.

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