Step Into The Wonderfully Crafted World Of ‘Paradis Perdus’ And Choose To Save Or Destroy The World

Move over squares and hello triangles as Paradis Perdus (Lost Paradises) projects a wonderfully visual world, in a game that plays a little bit differently to the conventional. Created by Sergey Mohov, Fabian Bodet, and Mitthieu Bonnopff.


The idea behind Paradis Perdus is the idea of not belonging. Finding yourself in the beautiful world you begin to find that no matter how hard you try there is no place for you here.


You cannot simply take in the wonders of this scenic world as everything you touch begins to crumble in a very much Midas inspired fashion. This poses a huge problem and leaves you with the options of either staying and watching this place crumble or finding a way to escape to preserve the beauty of this world.


Paradis Perdus is a game about exploration and contemplation as it gives you the option to find a way out of here or simple allow the world to crumble around you, the option is entirely yours and yours alone. Check out the gameplay footage below:


A great deal of time so far seem to have been put into the stunning and highly stylised world which has been constructed from triangles. This allows a fluid environment, but at the same time still creates many stunning and unique visual qualities that really make the world stick with you. It is impressive to note that this very talented student team produced all of this in just one month on Unity, very impressive.


Paradis Perdus is a game created as a student project and although still in the very early stages it is already shaping up fantastically. Submitted to a French game competition I have high hopes the team will see a lot of recognition from this accomplishment so far from the competition.


Although currently in alpha you can download the game for free here and explore this wonderful world if you really want to get engrossed in its wonders. However the team are planning on updating the game over time so expect to see more and more from Paradis Perdus over the coming months.

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