Strategy MMO AD2460 Brings Interstellar Imperialism

Fans of strategy MMOs can find new interstellar grounds in AD2460, which flew out of Beta at the end of 2014. The new galaxy-imperialism game is entirely browser-based.


Set in a fictional future where humans have moved away from Earth, various groups are taking up creating their own civilizations and setting up colonies on distant planets. The player starts out on a Homeworld dashboard with an overview of all facilities, research, production, and more. Mining stations provide resources to begin improving technology, quality of life, and the nation’s military. They’re the basis for growth, but there’s no avoiding conflict in the space race for dominance.


Being an MMO, player attacks can be frequent, and undefended facilities will fall. While there is fighting between players, there’s also an alliance system that can tie a group together, also providing bonuses to each member. Furthermore, they can share resources and technology to work together towards a common goal.


AD2460 is Fifth Season’s spiritual successor to the previous browser MMO they had, Planetarion, which reached a player base of nearly 200,000 in the early 2000s. Their new installment is fully integrated for browser and mobile, so tablet or phone users can also log on to play. The service is subscription-based, but new players can get the first 14 days free as a trial.


If you’re ready to start piloting your own fleet and governing a civilization, head over to AD2460‘s website to sign up.

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