‘Stronghold Kingdoms’ Out of Beta, Officially Launched

Now officially out of beta, Firefly Studios released a new trailer for Stronghold Kingdoms to mark the occasion.

Stronghold Kingdoms is a medieval MMO. Players can join in with hundreds of thousands of players in the game’s rich world of Lords, Ladies, Bumpkins, and Barons, as they build villages, research new technologies, construct mighty castles to defend their lands, and overall, strive to be the greatest in the land. Alternatively, players who dislike aggressive negotiations can develop their own economy and trade their way to victory.

During gameplay, players see a map that marks where friendly units and enemy units are. The units move across the map as players order them around. When a battle is at hand, Stronghold Kingdoms moves down into an RTS-mode, allowing the defender and attacker to battle it out for victory. Very similar to the traditional Stronghold games, of the same franchise.

The official release of Stronghold Kingdoms makes no change to the game’s status as free-to-play. Players can still download and play Stronghold Kingdoms for free, from the official website.

With the release of patch 2.0 this morning, Firefly Studios updated Stronghold Kingdoms with two highly requested features: new sound effects and a new Village Overview screen. The sound effects come into play when new battles are declared, and for daily activities such as scouting and trading. The new Village Overview screen shows an overview of the player’s villages, troops, and units, with detailed stats on each. The new overview screen is available to premium users, only.

Stronghold Kingdoms is now completely available on the PC and ready for download for free, from the official Stronghold Kingdoms’ website.

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