Sunside Games To Release Their Radiance Engine As “Free Open-Source Software”

We spoke to Sunside Games about their upcoming iOS title Crow, during which they revealed to us that they would be releasing the engine they built for the game as free open-source software in the near future.


One of the most eye-catching games for iOS devices of late, if for the graphics alone, is Sunside Games’ Crow. We previewed it here (Insiders Only) after getting early access and followed it up by talking to the development duo recently.


The game itself runs on Sunside’s very own Radiance engine, which is built to deliver gorgeous looking 3D mobile games. It’s definitely an impressive engine which is why the news that it will be released for free for anyone to use as they see fit is brilliant news.


When we questioned them about this impressive engine, they announced this news exclusively to us:


“Radiance will be released as free open-source software in the near future after Crow ships. It won’t be GPL or anything copy-left, it will be under a BSD or MIT style license. People will be able to use it however they’d like. Sunside will continue to invest in the technology for its future titles and anyone that wants will be able to take advantage of our technology without charge for any project commercial or otherwise.”


We’ll have the rest of the interview up for you to read through soon. For now, if you want to see this engine in action, check out the Crow trailer below:


More information on Sunside Games can be found on their official website.


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