Super Awesome Quest Sets a High Bar for Itself

The heroes of Super Awesome Quest aren’t feeling particularly heroic lately.


There’s Greg the Paladin, a handsome miscreant who is wanted on several charges of acts of indecency. Val the Valkyrie is a lovely winged woman whose crimes include gambling, racketeering, and grand larceny. (Go big or go home.) And the spirited Mag the Mage is being charged with public drunkenness and summoning demons, two activities which should probably never be done together.


These three unlikely champions are on a quest – a super awesome quest, naturally – to reclaim their honor and get rich in the process. Players can help them on their way in Super Awesome Quest, a new RPG from the team at Boomzap. To achieve glory, the trio must battle the forces of the Undead Army in an ever-expanding world. Along the way, they acquire loot, allies, and even pets.


Players begin by selecting either Val or Greg for their starting hero. Throughout the course of the adventure, other playable characters are unlocked, along with the animal companions. The heroes battle with kobolds, dragons, bounty hunters, and dozens of other types of enemies; these battles are waged through the game’s token-flipping mechanic. The act of flipping the tokens is simple enough to grasp, but creating ‘chains’ of flips can wreak pure havoc on enemies.


Players can personalize their heroes through an in-depth crafting system, which the developers describe as “Japanese-style.” This allows players to supply the trio with impressive weapons and armor, before showing off their creations by connecting with friends and other players through Facebook. If a player needs a break from the adventure, there’s even an arena where “awesome rewards and bragging rights” can be earned by participating in the non-stop survival mode.


Super Awesome Quest is a free app for mobile gamers. It’s available from both the Google Play Store and the App Store, and can also be acquired through The developers promise full localization support in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Thai, and Chinese, among others. See what other super awesome surprises Boomzap has in store for players by checking out their Facebook and Twitter.

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