Super Chibi Knight Comes to Kickstarter; Cuteness Abounds

If you’re looking for a Kickstarter packed to the brim with adorable charm, you’ve come to the right article. Super Chibi Knight has just hit the campaign circuit, bringing with it the game description of “Cute, Spicy RPG Adventure”. Developing this colorful romp through the Kingdom of Oukoku is the father/daughter team of Nick and Bella Pasto, who make up PestoForce. The eight-year-old Bella earns her spot on the development team as both a concept artist and voice actress, in addition to being a game tester. (But we’re willing to bet that last part is as much for fun as it is for work.) Nick, on the other hand, is a seasoned programmer. His most recent accolade comes from the development of Abobo’s Big Adventure, a retro-infused game selected as the 2012 Newgrounds Game of the Year with over 8.3 million downloads.


An early look at some Boss concept art


A sequel to the original Chibi Knight – which can be played hereSuper Chibi Knight is said to be five times bigger and is being designed as a full-fledged game; intended to by played full-screen with a gaming controller. The sidescrolling adventure is seasoned with RPG elements, including two distinct class paths: Beast-Master and Sorcerer. One path allows the player to cast spells, while the other offers rideable Beast Mounts. Each path is said to greatly affect the game’s outcome. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign for more details and continuous updates. Super Chibi Knight is currently targeting a summer 2014 launch on PC, Mac, and Linux, with a Steam Greenlight campaign in progress as well.

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