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Super Chibi Knight is one of the most colourful, charming and fun RPGs you’ll ever come across. Nick Pasto – creator of Abobo’s Big Adventure with over 8.3 million downloads – and his 8 year old daughter Bella are creating a world full of vibrant, colorful characters, huge bosses and fun surprises for your young Chibi Knight to discover.


While the original Chibi Knight was a fun web-based game, Super Chibi Knight will be a fully featured download coming to PC, Mac and Linux. Nick is doing the art and programming, Bella is the concept artist, games tester and voice actress, while musician Brian Holmes is doing the soundtrack. It’s already been Greenlit on Steam and has passed it’s Kickstarter goal with 12 days left to go.


As you explore the world map, you’ll uncover quests, find shops, and come across upgrades, friendly characters and enemies. Fighting is fairly simple but thoroughly enjoyable, especially once you start unlocking special moves and leveling up your character. The enemies you encounter are all fun, brightly colored creations that could have just stepped out of a Saturday morning cartoon. Some of the monsters you encounter are truly massive, and a challenge for your diminutive knight, but as Bella Says, “small things can make a big difference”.


You can tell that Bella has had an influence in creating the world; everything is big, bold, bright and full of glee – infused with a childlike sense of fun. If you don’t crack a smile within the first 5 minutes of playing this game, you’re dead inside.

If you’d like to support the game, you can visit the Kickstarter page. Be sure to also visit the official website and sign up as a Beta tester.  As always, we’ll keep you updated with its progress at IGM.

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