Super Clone Box: ‘Insane Zombie Carnage’ Looks Very Familiar

A new game called Insane Zombie Carnage is coming to PC and XBLIG and even at the very first glance you can tell that this is a clone of Super Crate Box. Sigh.


To a point, we’re indifferent to clones appearing of popular games – it’s been happening for years and will likely never stop. However, if you do make a clone of a game it’s probably a good idea to at least try and hide it. Better yet – improve or add to that experience. Insane Zombie Carnage has you controlling an avatar in a static screen, shooting zombies that fall from the top of the screen and head towards the bottom. The level design is near identical to Vlambeer’s Super Crate Box, as well as the gameplay of course and you even collect crates to get new weaponry.


About the only creative thing in this game are the zombies and, well, since when has including zombies in your game been creative – maybe 2006 at a push? This isn’t the first game that developers Playberries have cloned either. Like we said, there’s a degree to which clones are allowed to exist but straight rip offs like this are non-creative and exist purely to cash in on someone else’s efforts.


If you need more convincing that is a cash-in clone, just check out the trailer:


If you’re interested in Insane Zombie Carnage, allow us to point you towards Super Crate Box instead – go play it, it’s a super fun game.

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