Survival Horror-Roguelike, ‘Routine’, Gives Us A Spaceman To Gawp At

Despite the connotations of the title, Routine is something quite special, or at least that’s how we perceive it in this early stage. Since we last saw it, Routine hasn’t seen much more development time. This is due to the hiring of two new people to the one man team, one of which is on a work exchange basis – i.e. you do the art for my game and I’ll program yours.


Now that the art work on the other game has been done, Routine comes back into focus so we expect to see many more updates from now onwards. Why are we drawing attention to it once again then? Well, we can’t resist to be honest and there are two more screens we want to share and that’s enough of a reason to be honest. We became interested in Routine initially because of the premise, it’s a combination of sorts. First it’s a survival horror set in an abandoned moon base. That by itself is enough to make us listen attentively. Then you have to take into account that it’s also a roguelike, meaning it has permanent death and some random generation in hazards and items.


Most importantly is that the gameplay doesn’t resort to shooting things. Oh no, this is a proper survival horror which involves running away and hiding when under threat – it’s that or death…permanently. The couple of new screenshots we have move past the simple environment displays we’ve seen so far and introduce the game’s main character. They look fairly typical of what you might expect but that’s not too important anyway considering the game is first person. Still, it’s nice to look at something more regarding the game and we’re genuinely expecting to be further impressed in the coming future.


There’s not too much information on Routine at the moment but you can explore the official website if you want to give it a look.

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