Taking The Tabletop Strategy Online In ‘Just Tactics’

This year has seen some of the best strategy titles I can remember for a long time, either that or 2011 was especially bad for them (which I think it was). This year has seen a great strategy resurgence and the latest addition to this genre was only just added by Hit The Sticks.


Hit The Sticks share a fondness for tabletop games, like I am sure many of you do. They are great fun and when played with a group of friends are a great social affair, their only drawback is you must all be in the same place to play them.


This is generally one of their strengths in all honesty, however when you have friends in cities a couple of hundred miles away or even other countries it can prove a problem.


The guys at Hit The Sticks put their collective grey-matter to work on a solution and birthed Just Tactics. An online turn based 1v1 multiplayer tactical war game, that plays very much like a tabletop game, just with added fog of war – that you don’t need a smoke machine for.


Just Tactics is an entirely deterministic approach to strategy gaming. This means no dice rolls or any random number generation. Personally I do love the idea of more games becoming much more deterministic, it really does allow the tactics and strategy to stand out as the key feature once more. Be sure to check out the trailer below:


In Just Tactics everything revolves around Action Points (AP) and Hit Points (HP), with a card system in place that creates tactical map points for you to capture and hold. These tactical points known as “Satellite uplink” points give you the ability to draw cards from your pre-created deck, at random of course.


Although still in the beta release stages a lot of Just Tactics is already in place. Of course the final polishing and additional features will be added soon, but this should not deter you from giving it a go.


Be sure to check out Just Tactics on the official site here. You can sign up for the free version to give it a go, if you like what you see consider buying the full version and helping this new development team create something great.


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