‘Tales Of The Renegade Sector’ Season 2 Launches, Free As Usual

Alec Stamos has kicked off the first episode of the second season of his action-adventure Flash game series, Tales of the Renegade Sector, which is free-to-play in your browser.


Revenge of the Laser Gang is the title of the debut of the second series and it’s nice to see that there have been quite a few improvements to the series upon playing this new episode. Not only does the game run a bit smoother and is less fuzzy on the eyes, the soundtrack is full of much more dynamic tunes to bop along to.


“The first episode of the new season has The Captain tracking down some treasure maps on a desert planet when the Laser Gang decides it’s time to have their revenge.”


If you are not aware of Tales of the Renegade Sector and Space Captain McCallery, make sure to catch up by going to the Archives page on the official website. It’s basically a free Flash action-adventure episodic series in which you play as the captain of a Space Pirate crew and explore alien worlds in search of treasure and adventure.


Alec seems to be taking his time and putting a little more care into the second series as he says there will be longer episodes released less frequently. Perhaps the most vital touch now that the episodes are longer is that the checkpoints now save your progress so you can come back to the game and lift off from your last checkpoint. The gameplay feels a little less hectic now as well and features new mechanics, including ” punching, (Zelda style) jumping (ie, run off a ledge to jump automatically to another ledge), [and] new interactive items.”


You can play the latest episode of Tales of the Renegade Sector from the home page of the official Tales of the Renegade Sector website.


If you enjoy the series and want to help out Alec, feel free to donate any amount of money. Any amount is appreciated.


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