‘Teslagrad’ Demo Released, Speed-Run Competition Underway

Earlier today, Rain Games released a demo for their upcoming platformer, Teslagrad. The demo is the first opportunity the general public has had to try out the game. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, the Teslagrad demo samples the beginning portion of the game as well as a boss fight. Rain Games also teases that the demo contains some clues that reveal the lore of the game’s universe. Players anxious to get their hands on Teslagrad can do so through Desura, whether as a direct download, or through the Desura client.

In conjunction with the release of the demo, Rain Games has initiated a speed run competition involving the Teslagrad demo.

“Do you think you can beat the demo with a time that will shock and amaze us?” Rain Games asks on the official Teslagrad website. “We think you can! And if you get the best time, you get to not only bask in the glory of your accomplishment, you can also also win a unique, lovingly awesome CD with Teslagrad’s Soundtrack by Jørn Lavoll.”

Rain Games goes on to explain that to be considered for the prize, players must complete the demo and find the nine hidden secrets “within a decent time” between today and September 19th. To further challenge players, they must beat the demo in one consecutive playthrough. For all the rules of the competition, check out the announcement post on the Teslagrad website. Uploading videos of the speed run to YouTube is encouraged by Rain Games.

Look for Teslagrad on the PC, Wii U, and PlayStation 3, later this fall.

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