The Best Thing Since Ever: ‘McPixel’ Demo

You’re in a subway train that is about to blow up. Do you:

a) Jump out the window to your death
b) Pick up the nearby snake and die from its bite
c) Kick everyone in the nuts
d) Throw the snake at the guy in front of you, hand him the bomb and watch him jump out the window in a blind panic


That’s not quite how it goes but this is the kind of challenge you’ll be faced with just 20 seconds on the clock to solve it in McPixel. Originally conceived for Ludum Dare 21 (play the original here), McPixel is best described as a point and click puzzle game, but Sos prefers a “minimalistic point and click adventure”. Whatever it is, it’s hilarious, catchy and downright fun.


You play as the titular super hero and as such it is your job to save the day. Multiple times. Doing that is often not the most fun thing though, instead, exploring the many wrong things to do in each screen often produces the most hilarious outcomes. Oh and that soundtrack, it makes me want to take my pants off and do a little up and down bob while flailing my arms around. Weird but true.


McPixel, the full version with 100 levels and an endless mode, is nearing its big release and its creator, Sos Sosowski, has released a new demo for the game over on its official website. There’s six levels to try out and a couple of ways of solving them, get the gold solutions and you’ll unlock a special ending. That’s a good thing. So go and play it and then anticipate its full release for PC, Mac and Linux on June 6th, and then releases on Android, iOS, Blackberry and Commodore 64 sometime afterward.


More information on McPixel can be found on the game’s official website.

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