The Dungeoning Crawls On To Steam Greenlight

The Dungeoning, the first solo game from indie game developer Nick Donnelly, is a hard action platform game with RPG elements and procedural level generation. A difficult mix of various genres with a permadeath feature, The Dungeoning features four main areas to explore, each with several unique stages. With plenty of items to collect along the way, including melee upgrades, projectiles, magic weapons, healing items and magic rings, with a plethora of fresh content to keep players coming back for more, with  New Game + and New Game ++ modes for those who manage to complete its massive challenges


Although this is Donnelly’s first solo endeavor, he has created several others games, notably Mos Speedrun, in collaboration, so The Dungeoning comes from the hands of a veteran of the indie games community well-suited to creating and leaving his own unique mark of indie game development.


In development for over two years by Donnelly, the game has recently dropped on Steam Greenlight, so if the trailer intrigued you, go ahead and give the playable alpha demo a whirl on the game’s official website.

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