The ‘Humble Bundle For Android 2′ Launches Today

Humble Bundle have announced a new bundle will be going live today rather than last week as we suspected. The Humble Bundle For Android 2 will feature four games and those who contribute over the average will get a fifth as a bonus.


Following the successful footsteps of the Humble Bundle For Android, its sequel will feature games primarily for Android, but all will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux also. All of the games will come with Steam keys but you’ll have to pay $1 minimum to get them, presumably due to the slight upset which had people abusing the very low price of the previous bundle.


The Humble Bundle For Android 2 will be going live today (that’s March 19th) at 10am PST and will last for two weeks, no doubt we’ll see a few updates with extra games added as is often the case. Anyway, the Humble Bundle for Android 2 will include:



Make sure to check out the official Humble Bundle website at the given time to get your hands on the bundle.


Thanks to @avisclari who found the announcement via Phoronix.

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