‘The Inflicted – A Battle For Sanity’ Is Creepy As Hell, Try The Demo

Originally called Protocol, The Inflicted – A Battle For Sanity has been given the new demo treatment and after playing it we can safely say that the horror atmosphere of this top down scare is bang on. One thing we particularly admire about the survival horror genre is the sound design, amongst other things of course, but the ability to affect a sense of impending fright can be done so effectively – The Inflicted does a very good job of this. It knows when to remain silent, add the distant scuffle and also when to introduce a heartbeat; enough so that acid reflux even kicked in on the last example due to jumping out of our skin…you’ll see what we mean.


You play as a guy who wakes up from nightmares in a testing facility, with no one else around. There’s not much light around, as the genre demands, and the game plays with our fear of the dark very well. You’ll want to tread softly around the silent, claustrophobic corridors once you’re salvaged a flashlight. Soon you’ll find that you’re not alone in the facility and it’s clear that something very wrong has occurred.


This is a lot of talk though and not many survival horror efforts can usually stand the test of actually being played, thus we encourage you to download the demo of The Inflicted for yourself, just click here. You’ll need Adobe AIR to get it working, so if you don’t have it already, download that right here.


Here’s a short clip with some spoilers so don’t watch it if you plan on playing the game yourself. It showcases the game’s excellent use of adaptive music and the protagonists murmurs which reflect your own.


More information on The Inflicted – A Battle For Sanity can be found over on the game’s official website.

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