The Last Door: Chapter 2, Terror Comes In 16 Bits

Earlier last week, The Last Door Chapter 2 was just released to a subscriber-only beta, and all I can say is that I cannot wait to play Game Kitchen‘s latest episode.


In case you missed Chapter 1, The Last Door is a 16 bit side-scrolling horror-adventure game which is actually bloody terrifying. In The Last Door players follow the adventures of an unnamed individual as he ignores every warning sign in the book and tries to find out what happened to his friends who died mysterious deaths after they performed pagan rituals during high school. Seriously, just put an “eviscerate me” sign on his back and get it over with. While Lone Survivor follows in the footsteps of Silent Hill, The Last Door is more of a love letter to Lovecraft, with investigation proving the most prudent path to success. Chapter 1 explored a mansion filled with dark and sometimes unspeakable horrors. It was challenging and very scary. The art and music is top notch and follows its roots of Lovecraft and Poe expertly by playing on the player’s imagination. Instead of showing graphically detailed gore and mess, it merely shows a few dark pixels and your mind fills in the gaps with all the worst things possible.


While I only jumped once in episode 1, I was unnerved and shivering through most of the game; something which is a far greater indicator to real horror than any number of jump scares. Game Kitchen has somehow made a terrifying game out of very basic elements and should definitely be watched. If you donate 1 pound now, you can get access to the game, but if you can stand waiting it will be available for free once the entire game is finished. At the meticulous pace Game Kitchen is moving however, the final product might not be seen for a little while. For the horror-junkie, a fifteen pound donation will get you VIP access to special features of development.


Check it out now, for at this point, the only thing to fear is how long it might take until the next episode.

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