The Most Adorable Rocks You’ll Ever See: ‘Pebble Universe’

Itatake have now submitted Pebble Universe to the App Store and are just awaiting the thumbs up, until then you should certainly check out this charming little game – there’s even a sneak peek at some gameplay in here!


At first impressions, Pebble Universe didn’t really stand out to me. I mean, that title doesn’t really get me enthralled, as it were. Investigating further I find some art for the game and then the cutest little pebble creatures I have ever set my eyes upon. I had no idea rocks could be so adorable.


What did it was the story trailer below. The outline of the game is that these pebble creatures are being eaten by the soot-like winged buggers from above. However, the pebbles find that smashing their rock helmets together creates an explosion that wipes out their predators. There are different types of pebble too – think Angry Birds I suppose – that have different effects so the challenge in the game is getting the right timing and combining the right pebbles to the best effect.


Of course, you cannot tell much from a story trailer as the one above, no matter how endearing it may be. What you’ll want to see is some gameplay, it’s lucky then that we can provide, or rather the developer can.


While I have the opportunity, it’s worth noting that Pebble Universe received funding from the Nordic Game Program 2011; a fine example of what that region of the world is pumping out at the moment. Anyway, the gameplay is below, check it out!


You can find out more information on Pebble Universe over on the official website. As was said, the release date is yet to be confirmed but is expected to be very soon.

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