The Mystery of Oak Island intrigues and fascinates

Visionaire’s stunning murder mystery game The Mystery of Oak Island is more than just your typical treasure hunting adventure; it’s a journey of discovering the secret of Oak Island, which until now, has lay peacefully dormant. But when the island’s director is found killed and minus one hand, the mystery becomes irrevocably intertwined with your fate, and the warning bells go unheeded.


Oak Island, originally starting its life out on kickstarter, is a point-and-click adventure game that features a unique character switching function, which allows players to control three characters across varying timelines. It is also said to be in the style of Lucas Arts classics The Secret of Monkey Island and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and was listed as a greenlit game on Steam’s June 11 batch of releases. The concept behind Oak Island derives from the urban legend surrounding the Nova Scotia island of the same name, which according to legend holds a secret money pit that has been the subject of various excavations. The game also comes along with an epic accompanying soundtrack fit for a classical music orchestra performance, and even the music itself presents the unshakeable feeling that the decision to unravel the island’s mysteries is one that is fraught with peril.


Indeed, it does seem that some treasures are best left buried, but in this case, too intriguing to ignore.


The Mystery of Oak Island is set for release on PC, Mac and Linux.

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