The Procession to Calvary

The Procession to Calvary Releasing in 2020

Inspired by the legendary and historical painting by the same name, The Procession to Calvary is a point and click Renaissance masterpiece developed by London-based developer, Joe Richardson. The successor to the widely successful game, Four Last Things, The Procession to Calvary will take you back to a time of slow dances and crazy battles. Time seems to be at a standstill in the game with the heavily artful design and crazily funny dialogues. The game has everything from soldiers to pirates, cardinals to magicians, and more.

If old-time churches, battles, kings, and dukes alike are your dream come true, you certainly need to get your hands on this Renaissance-inspired game. The game is set to release for desktop on Windows, Linux, and Mac. The artful look and old-world background music will blow your mind away. Even gruesome battle scenes will bring a smile to your face because fighting combat has never looked this elegant before. Joe Richardson has done a great job with the graphics and the background music of the game.

Releasing in 2020, The Procession to Calvary has very different gameplay and allows you to indulge in the fantasies and magic of the old world. With crazily funny dialogues that will make you question your sense of humor and questionable actions by many characters, the Renaissance-themed adventure game will take you on a journey you have never been on before. Everything seems a little bit more magical, and everything seems a whole lot more like a Shakespeare play.

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Classical issues resolved in classical ways

Life seems to be going great for you – the Holy War is over, and thousands of innocent lives lay dead, making you the happiest. The Churches of the Old Gods is in ruins, and under the rubble are the dead bodies of many people who tried stopping you. You overcame all those good people trying to save themselves and the world, but you were too powerful for them. Everything feels like rainbows and sunshine until you get the dreadful news – Heavenly Peter has escaped. You need to capture him and get revenge. Will you be able to do so, or will he make a fool out of you and run away?

Trying to find Heavenly Peter and capture him back will take you on a legendary journey. The entire landscape of the game is built with multiple Renaissance paintings. One after the other, your journey keeps getting challenging than before. You do everything in your power to find Heavenly Peter. You want to find him now and teach him a good lesson for escaping. You want to unleash the wrath of Hell upon him. But all your anger and ego are of no use if you cannot capture him back. On your journey to finding Heavenly Peter, you do everything you need to do to advance further. From feeding a donkey to hunting for treasure to participating in a talent show – you shy away from nothing.

Will your shameless attempts at trying to find Heavenly Peter work wonders for you, or will you start loathing yourself for the things you have done and finally turn over a new page? Only time will tell, and as and when you keep crossing a new Renaissance painting to find Heavenly Peter, your wrath and anger keep increasing. How you would love to teach Heavenly Peter a good lesson! But if only you could find him in this weirdly stitched world of Renaissance paintings.

Renaissance artwork, classical music, and optional murders

The entire gameplay of The Procession to Calvary is littered with paintings by Rembrandt, Botticelli, Michelangelo, and many more Renaissance painters. If you have an appreciation for such artwork, you will love this game even more. Another striking feature of this game is the brilliant background score continuously playing classical music. This classical music is comprised of the works of many old-world musicians such as Vivaldi, Bach, and George Frideric Handel. Every effort has been made to truly immerse you in the charms of the old world and make you realize how much more magical that time was.

There is also an option for you to murder people on your quest to find and re-capture Heavenly Peter. Although this is completely optional and you can advance further in the game without killing others, murdering sure does help you skip puzzles you do not wish to attempt. However, every power comes with a downfall. Only time will tell what you will have to sacrifice for skipping puzzles. So, are you ready to get on the wagon and immerse yourself in a Renaissance-inspired story to re-capture Heavenly Peter and teach him a lesson?

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