The Very Not Noxious ‘Noxious’ Is Free To Download

Looking like the child-friendly version of Dead Space, Noxious is free to download on Desura but you probably already know considering that it is currently ranked number one on the indie game-centric digital download service.


A student project of just 5 months work, Noxious looks pretty dandy for such a development history and it is free to download, hence why it has seemingly become very popular since its release just a few days ago. The protagonist seems in many ways to be a combo of Isaac from Dead Space and Gordon Freeman from Half Life due to the look and the fact that they are a scientist in a post-disaster research facility respectively.


The idea of the game is to escape the facility by restoring the power and using your “X-Rifle” (we’re presuming it fires David Duchovny in tennis ball form) to shoot the various escaped experiments that stand in your way. We’re not talking petri dishes with legs here though, more the abominable bug/alien type.


Now you have two options, you can either watch the whole game below or download it and play it yourself using this link to the Desura page. Choices!


More information on Noxious can be found on the game’s Twitter page, Desura page and Facebook page.


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