‘Three Kingdoms Battle’ Open Beta Approaching

Online strategy games, both turn based and real time aren’t something we see much of coming from independent developers. Seeing one set within the era of the Three Kingdoms China is even less common, but Three Kingdoms Battle aims to do just that and more, promising an E-sports level experience on a browser.

Three Kingdoms Battle will have you take the role of one of eight commanders during the Romance of the Three Kingdoms story; leading your forces into battle as either Liu Bei , Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Guan yu, Zhang Fei, Xiahou Dun, Huang Zhong, Ma Chao.

The Three Kingdoms Battle blends both real time strategy and turn based strategy together into an interesting mix. While both players move on a turn based scale, within the turn are small amounts of RTS micro action and quick action. You have a counter determining how long you have to make your moves, but within that time limit certain actions like sending your men to scout can be taken, giving you valuable information as to the placement of your enemies. This allows players to plan out their moves with more precisions but also keeps some of the tactical action of modern RTS’.

The game is currently still in its closed beta stages right now, but will open up to the public on August the 25th for testing. You can sign up for open beta access at, the Three Kingdoms Battle runs on all platforms as long as you have an internet connection.


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