Toby’s Island, a 2D RPG, Enters Home Stretch on Kickstarter

A game with plenty of randomized events and elements, crafting and city building, but also a tightly-woven narrative – can it be done? A small studio called MVisioning is creating Toby’s Island, a 2D RPG harking back to the good old ’90s. The two Canadian teammates are nearing the final push of their Kickstarter campaign.


Toby’s Island is inhabited by creatures that Toby can befriend, train, and use in battle. Randomized events in the game change up when and where each spirit will be met, ensuring multiple variant playthrough experiences. This makes up the meat of the RPG experience, backed by fleshed-out creature growing systems. The pets also evolve and develop fighting playstyles in accordance with that of the player’s. What’s more, there are also spirits encountered at different parts of the game that heavily influence the narrative. Those can be attached to the player’s creatures to further customize them.


Other than interactions with monsters and battles, Toby’s Island features a rich farming and building system. One of Toby’s activities will be creating a small town, a base of operations, along with farming for survival and combat buffs. These will often include minigames and puzzles, making the fishing and crafting interactive. More mini games will be included if additional funding goals are met.


The base goal for the campaign for is a modest $20,000 CAD, and as of now, there are 11 days to go with a little under $8,000 CAD remaining. As little as $10 gets a digital copy of the game and a thanks in the credits, while $15 also nets the soundtrack.


Visit the Kickstarter page for more detailed information on reward tiers, as well as stretch goals for the project. Toby’s Island also has an ongoing Steam Greenlight campaign.

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