Total War Saga: Troy is Creative Assembly’s Take on the Trojan War

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia was a somewhat divisive game that split the TW community into two camps. On one hand, the game gave us a new perspective on a familiar historical period. On the other hand, the UI had a lot of problems and the game felt too much like a reskin of older TW titles. Having learned from past mistakes, Creative Assembly is now working on the next entry in the series and this time we’re going to Ancient Greece.

Earlier today, publisher Sega officially announced Total War Saga: Troy, a new RTS/TBS hybrid currently in development at Creative Assembly. Based on its Steam description, the game will revolve around the infamous Trojan War, a decade-long conflict between Greece and Troy. The Trojan War was first documented in Homer’s Iliad and has since served as inspiration for many movies, TV shows, video games, and other forms of media.

Video Source: YouTube/Total War

Sega already revealed the first trailer for Total War Saga: Troy and it features a very familiar scene. The action takes place at the gates of Troy where the legendary Spartan hero Achilles boldly challenges the Trojan commander Hector to a duel. Hector obliges and orders his troops to stand down as he faces off against Achilles in single combat. The trailer is eerily reminiscent to the scene in 2004’s Troy starring Brad Pitt and Eric Bana. The movie was also inspired by the Iliad. If you missed the announcement trailer, make sure to check it out down below.

Legendary Heroes Collide

In addition to the aforementioned trailer, Sega also gave Total War fans a few glimpses of the game in action. A short gameplay video showcases the beginning of the single-player campaign, which plays out pretty much as you’d expect. Paris, the prince of Troy, takes the Spartan queen Helen back to his fortified city, thus sparking the rage of her husband, King Menelaus. Aided by his brother, Agamemnon, Menelaus raises a massive fleet and marches towards Troy.


Iconic warriors like Achilles, Hector, Odysseus, and more will be playable in the game and will act as leaders on the battlefield. Each of these legendary heroes will have his own unique playstyle. For instance, Achilles becomes more warmongering and less diplomatic whenever an enemy leader insults him. While Achilles is always ready for a fight, his arch-rival Hector prefers to focus on defensive tactics instead.

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Interestingly enough, it looks like the developers are taking certain creative liberties with some of the units inspired by that historical period. Ancient Greece was the mythical creatures and that will be reflected in the game. To some extent. Mythical creatures like Minotaurs will be available to recruit, however, they’re basically just bulky men who wear bull skins and skulls on their head. For the most part, though, the developers are focusing on historical accuracy more than mythology.

Total War Saga: Troy doesn’t have a set release date just yet. However, the game is expected to launch sometime during 2020.


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