Try the ‘DreadOut’ Demo and Fear Ever Picking Up Your Smart Phone Again

I have never used my smartphone or digital camera to discover and be horrified by East Asian Mythical Ghosts, despite a strong desire to do so. Now, with the help of the kind and generous people of ‘Digital Happiness’, we can all experience the immense terror of picking up our cameras to view ghastly apparitions. The game is called DreadOut, and scares are abundant.


The story reads much like a modern horror movie script: High school students stray from their school trip, come upon an abandoned town, and paranormal events begin to occur. Gamers will play as the protagonist, Linda, who has some connection to the mystical world. Players will solve puzzles and interact with a variety of ghosts while attempting to capture them on digital film. Oh… and there are definitely scares as can be seen in some mash-up footage of demo play organized by Digital Happiness.




Speaking of the demo, you can test out the game right now. For free. First impressions draw comparisons to horror-classic Fatal Frame, another Asian-inspired adventure focused around the use of a camera to interact with ghosts. Digital Happiness seems to be proud of this comparison and rightfully so, as the Fatal Frame series is highly touted among the greatest horror titles ever made. Hopefully, DreadOut can live up to the hype.


You can check out DreadOut in a few different ways. DreadOut has an official website with details and a nice media collection. The nice people at Digital Happiness have also started an Indiegogo campaign to help with funding for DreadOut. Finally, and likely most important to you readers, the demo is available from multiple sites for both PC (IndieDB, Atomic Gamer, and direct download at MediaFire) and Mac (ModdDB, Atomic Gamer, and MediaFire). Have fun and enjoy being scared senseless by a smartphone camera.

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