Tumbleed Express Is Riding All Kinds of Rails Onto Kickstarter

Trains have always held a strange sort of fascination with me. Growing up, I was told that I should love them, and honestly, I did really like them. There’s something about the steam billowing out, or just the look of the thing. And the sound! Few things are as fun as a train whistle. Tumbleweed Express, from developers The Dirigiballers (I could make puns from the name, but it’s already done for me! So… beautiful…), combines the fun of an on-rails shooter with that of a tower defense game.


Through the only acceptable method of exchanging property in the West — gambling — you have come into the possession of the Tumbleweed Express Shipping Co. steam engine and warehouse. With it, you will have to take on a businessman whose steam-powered airships have usurped the train as king of the Steam Age. At your warehouse, you will be able to outfit the Tumbleweed Express with all sorts of deadly weaponry, including everything from flamethrowers to laser beams (19th century laser beams though, I’m sure). Once you’ve equipped your iron behemoth, you set off along the rails — both figurative and literal ones. On your way from one station to another, you will have to complete objectives and defeat various enemies all, naturally, without allowing your train to be destroyed.


Tumbleweed Express’ Kickstarter has only just gone live, leaving you a whole 27 days to decide at what tier you will be donating at. The Dirigiballers team is seeking $24,000 USD to finish the game, the use of which they thoroughly explain in their pitch. Those interested can go here to back them, and can also get an early bird price on the game if they hurry. The game is also part of our brand new crowdfunding promotional initiative, so be on the lookout for pledge tiers that will also net you an issue or yearly subscription to Indie Game Magazine!

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