Under New Management (Sort Of…)

Dear IGM Friends, Fans and Industrypeople. I would like to let you all know that my good friend and business partner, Mr. Mike Gnade, has made the tough decision to part ways with IGM after five years as owner and publisher. This presented me with a great opportunity to acquire the site from him. In doing so, we will be continuing on with the traditions of The Indie Game Magazine. As with any change in ownership, there will be a few changes.


First, and perhaps most notably, I have decided to discontinue the print magazine. There are two main reasons for this decision. The biggest reason is time. Preparing the magazine requires a huge time investment, and frankly, the financial reward is not there. Other reasons would include fees and costs, payment delays from the distributors and the production labor requirements of the magazine. I hope to eventually replace the magazine with a weekly newsletter, but that is on the horizon.


Next I am going to be re-focusing IGM. Previously our focus had been on game reviews and news. While we are still reviewing games and offering indie game news, it is my belief that our focus needs to be on our audience. Content without you, the readers, is not going to get us very far. Therefore I am placing a strong emphasis on social media and forum participation. I want to jump-start our forums by creating developer contests, great conversation topics, providing resources for developers. I am even putting up an arcade to house great indie games here on the site that can be enjoyed by all.


I wanted to take a fast minute to thank you all for your continued support over the years. IGM could not possibly be what it has become without your support. The IGM team takes a great deal of pride, as an indie company, reviewing and promoting the indie game industry and really wants to develop a close relationship with our community. That is why I am placing such a high level of emphasis on getting to know you better. If you have any questions or comments, I invite you to get in touch with me and my staff. You can either leave a message below in the comments or send me an email. My person email is [email protected].


A little about me: I am a father of two young boys and a lucky husband. Like most indies I have a day job where I work as a Mechanical Engineer. I have been in online media since 2004 where I began as a writer for a Magic: The Gathering fan site and worked my way up through the ranks. I owned my game review site for two years before joined up with Mike in September of 2011. My role here at IGM was initially content management of the website while Mike managed the magazine.


Also, if you are a developer and have submitted email to IGM for any reason, the voice that came back to you back was mine, and I plan on continuing that role as I really enjoy helping people as much as I can and that is one thing that is not going to change.


I’d like to offer my wishes of luck to my former partner and current friend Mike Gnade. You may have left the building, but you are always family.

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