Under the Microscope: The Snow Storm Bundle – Part 1

Today, Indie Royale launched their second bundle of 2013, the Snow Storm Bundle. By now, most everyone knows how these bundles work. So to switch things up a bit, let’s examine the games offered on a more individual level, rather than focusing on the bundle as a whole.


Resonance, from XII Games.

We reviewed Resonance back in June. Resonance game impressed us with its voice-acting (which includes Logan Cunningham, the narrator from Bastion), its sprawling world, intuitive interface and engaging story. While the game suffered from backtracking and some puzzles were rather difficult, these issues did not hamper the experience, and we gave Resonance a score of 86%.

The game centers around the death of a brilliant particle physicist, who mysteriously dies, and the ensuing race to secure his technology before it falls into the wrong hands for the wrong reasons. The player takes on the role of one of four characters who have found themselves entangled with this mysterious death.

Watch the developer explain some of the basics of Resonance, and explain a bit about the memory system, included in the game, below.

Visit Resonance‘s official website and follow the developer on Twitter.


Hinterland, from Tilted Mill.

Hinterland combines fast-paced RPG combat with strategic base building.

In Hinterland, players take on the role of a governor-like character that the King has tasked with settling a wild area of the kingdom. Once settled, players will then have to branch out into the surrounding area, and clear out any threats that are encountered. As the town grows, specialists will emerge, or move in, and they can be put to work using their skills to further benefit the community. Every time a new game of Hinterland is started, the map is randomly generated. The game’s motto, “loot, level, build” perfectly summarizes Hinterland.

Players choose which of their settlement’s people they take with them, out on their adventures in the wild. Each person comes with their own abilities and skills, so it is wise to choose accordingly. Expeditions will encounter creatures of legend and dangerous bandits. Defeating them will yield both fame and gold. Hinterland’s character progression system means that a lowly peasant farmer can graduate into a great warrior, over time.

Visit Hinterland’s official website.


RoboBlitz, from Naked Sky Entertainment.

RoboBlitz originally launched back in 2006. The game has players jumping, shooting, and puzzle solving their way across nineteen different levels through seven unique environments. RoboBlitz was one of the original games released which used the Unreal Engine 3.

Robot, Blitz, is the protagonist of RoboBlitz, and a worker at the Opera Point Orbital Defense Station and Space Canon Facility. Throughout the game, Blitz will encounter a variety of enemy types, including the grenade-launching Motar Monk and the Sawbot, which is exactly what you think it is. Luckily, Blitz can equip himself with a variety of weapons, including an emp rifle, pulse canon, an anti-gravity launcher, and a tractor beam.

Visit RoboBlitz’s official website.


These are only half of the game included in The Snow Storm bundle, check back soon to learn about StarDrone, Project Aftermath, and Robot Riot. Alternatively, if you already are interested in purchasing the bundle, pick it up from the Indie Royale website. The suggested price is $15, so keep that in mind, as you make your purchase.


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