‘Unity 3D Mobile Basic’ Free Until April 8th, Yours Forever

Unity Technologies are offering the Basic version of their Unity Mobile development package for free until April 8th, there’s no deception here and when you download the package it’s yours forever!


With every passing day it seems that more and more developers are signing up with Unity to use their tools and packages – there is even a completely free version which is capable of making some impressive stuff by itself. Quite rightly, Unity 3D is quite rightly one of the most popular development packages amongst indie developers.


Hang on, let me just take this suit and fake smile off. So, let’s be straight with you here – Unity 3D really is a brilliant package for start-ups and veteran developers. It is for this reason that we encourage you to sign up and grab this free offering right now while you can.


Unity Mobile Basic includes Unity Android and Unity iOS tools so you can take your game to some of the most lucrative and upcoming platforms at the moment. Each of them normally costs $400 each, so if you grab them both before April 8th you will save $800. There’s nothing sinister behind this and no this is not just a trial version. Unity are just very clever and want you to use their tools above anything else, so you probably should if it’s free, right?


Now, some of you may already have forked out the dosh for Unity Mobile Basic but hold your rage, they are giving full refunds to anyone who purchased the package in the last 30 days. You should get something about this via email in the next 24 hours.


So, we advise you to scramble over to the Unity Store and grab yourself a real bargain. GO!


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