Untitled Goose Game Makes Its Way to PS

The Untitled Goose Game has annoyingly waddled its way through to PlayStation. The irritatingly charming and simple game has caught quite a wave with the players worldwide, and after being available on the Nintendo Switch and PC, it is set to release for PlayStation very soon. However, there are no official and confirmed announcements or dates yet either from Panic, who published the game, nor from PlayStation.

Developed by House House, Untitled Goose Game is a single-player game about action and annoyance. Do you love annoying people? Does it make you happy when you see people fuming at you with anger? Would making their life difficult make your day happier? Do you like making their day just a little bit tougher than usual? If yes, then this game is the best thing for you.

In the Untitled Goose Game, you are an annoyingly horrible goose who lives to make the lives of the lovely people in a tiny little village terrible. The town’s people are just trying to get on with their day and be left undisturbed. But no, that is just not who you are as a goose. You annoy them in their back gardens, you do horrible things in their shops, you steal their keys, and you push them off the edge of sanity. You are a nuisance who would not stop, no matter what.

If you love chaos and want to be a horrible goose wreaking havoc over a quiet and lovely town, then this game is just what you need.

Being horrible to unsuspecting, lovely people is what makes your day

By subject to your appearance, fleecy white-feathered body, an orangish-yellowish beak, waddling feet, and quacking noises, you do not seem like an annoyance in the get-go. You seem like an adorable little goose just trying to get on with your life. You look like a goose that loves to swim in the pond, waddle around in the grass, and be fed bread crumbs. However, the very first mission in the game sets you apart and shows incredibly how horrible you can be.

Action games are notorious for blood baths and mass killings. You do a lot of horrible things. Killing your enemies, hitting them where it hurts the most- all for your vengeance and victory. However, this little goose action game is a completely different genre of action. It is downright appalling. When playing the Untitled Goose Game, you will be shocked at the annoying little things you do the people in the village as a goose- yanking away old people’s seats, running away with the butcher’s knife, holding onto a little kid’s glasses, and spraying the gardener with the water sprinkler.

What is even more shocking is the delight and pleasure you will get out of doing this via your character, the annoying horrible and notorious-for-nuisance goose. You will want to do all these horrible things and more and feel the thrill of ruining people’s days.

The goose is nothing without the people for it to annoy

The game has no dialogues, no plot lines, and absolutely no logic. All you have to do is annoy people just for the heck of it. People yell at you, shoo you, some even cower away from you in fear. All their reactions add fuel to your energy and motivation to be horrible to them. If you thought real-life geese were horrible to you, even when you were just trying to feed them, you are going to hate this virtual goose.

You are going to hate it so much you will begin to love the heights of nuisance it can go to to make people’s lives miserable. And what’s more, you even get to honk at people incessantly and drive them to madness. Has there anything been there ever that has been this annoying and amazing?

The background score only makes things even more better. It appreciates you running away with people’s stuff and honking at them. The moment you ruin someone’s day, the joyful and chirpy music in the background adds to your happiness. And there has never been a happier goose alive on this Earth than you. What did the lovely people of the quaint little English town do to deserve the horrible goose that you are? But do you care? Of course, not.

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