‘Valley 2’ Beta 0.728 Features A Complete Cast Of Monsters

Do you have a metroidvania craving that needs a fix? The randomly-generated, strategy exploration game, Valley 2, is growing larger and larger and has surpassed its goal of having 114 enemies at launch. Valley 2 now has 125 monsters in-game and playable right now. The greater variety of enemies to draw from does a lot to make the randomized environments stick out.


In their latest development update,Arcen Games CEO, Christopher Park, writes, “The game is essentially feature-complete. What that means is that all the major mechanics are in place and working, and so now it’s just a matter of bug-fixes and polish, and more minor improvements. There’s a lot of that still left to do, but we’re expecting to go 1.0 early next week — so we’re definitely in the final days here!”


It has only been a few months since the Valley 2 public beta was released. Development on this title has been overwhelmingly fast, and the improvements on the original formula, the reworking of the turn-based system and greater emphasis on exploration, make Valley 2 look like it’s going to have overhauled and fixed a lot of the things that made the original A Valley Without Wind lack cohesiveness as a whole.


Both Valley 2 and A Valley Without Wind are bundled, so if you already own the original A Valley Without Wind then the sequel is free and available for you to download right now. You can learn more by visiting the official website or the Arcen Games development blog.

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