Wadjet Eye Games To Publish The Highly Anticipated ‘Resonance’

In development since mid-2007, Resonance has been a buzz word for many adventure game fans for some years now. It was announced earlier in the year that it would finally becoming out in 2012 and now we know that Wadjet Eye Games will be publishing it.


Logan Cunningham from Supergiant Games – yes he was the narrator in Bastion – revealed that he was doing voiceover work for Resonance in this video interview. Oddly though, he attributed Resonance to Wadjet Eye Games rather than XII Games who are the actual developer. Since the cat was out of the bag, Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye promptly made it clear on Twitter that Wadjet Eye’s role in Resonance was that of publisher.


Dave Gilbert also confirmed that his wife Janet had been working on the programming of the game for the last 8 months which has really sped up the development process. They also started doing the voice over work for the game just last week and according to Dave, it’s going well.


Resonance is one of those indie games that has been looking very good for a long time now, yet due to the part time nature of its development is taking a while to find its way to our desktops – we’re patient creatures though luckily.


The most promising aspects of Resonance are its intuitive interface and inventory system, its four way story and other impressive innovations that should make this a very user-friendly point and click adventure. Check out this development diary from 2009 as that is the most we have actually seen of the game so far.


You can find out more information on Resonance over on its official website.

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