What to Expect from Call of Duty – Modern Warfare

In the history of Call of Duty, Season 1 of Modern Warfare has brought the biggest content drop of all time. Players worldwide can lock and load into Season 1 of Call of Duty – Modern Warfare, with exciting and thrilling new maps and operators, crazy modes, and powerful weapons.

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare has also brought back its iconic Crash map with impressive upgrades and area expansions. The Crash map now has brand new fighting areas, such as the Garage and the Pharmacy. This latest Crash map is set within Urzikstan. The map includes both long-sighted sniping battles and intra-building close-quarter fights. Apart from the Garage and Pharmacy, other map zones include Apartment, Curved Street, Hill, Alley, Sandbags, Courtyard, Lamp Shop, Pillars, Arches, Crash, Restaurant, Generators, Broken Wall, Passage, Overlook, Barber Shop, and Electronics.

All these new upgrades and expansions are free and available across all platforms. Be it your PS4 or Xbox One, you can now enjoy the thrill of the fight in Modern Warfare alongside these features. This is just the beginning. The list of free new upgrades in Call of Duty – Modern Warfare is long and impressive. Here is everything you can expect from the new release:

New base weapons

  • Holger – 26 – Fully automatic lightweight machine gun built to protect you against a horde of enemies.
  • RAM – 7 – Compactly designed and easy-to-hold assault rifle built for close-quarter conflicts.

New multiplayer maps

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare has dropped three new multiplayer maps. Along with the Crash map, there is also the Shipment map and the Vacant map. These multiplayer maps have always been a favorite with Call of Duty players. They are rich in grounded combat and thrilling action. These also allow you to carry out deep customization of every weapon available in your arsenal. The gameplay is best in class with even a night vision map to let you feel the thrill of attacking and defeating your enemies in pitch-black midnight.

New 2V2 gunfight maps

  • Atrium
  • Cargo
  • Shipment

Modern Warfare – Special Ops

Special Ops are crazily exciting and packed with action and strategy. These four-player co-op operations involve receiving intelligence from hidden yet reliable sources, strategizing to neutralize your targets, fighting combat action sequences, and completing the ultimate mission. Every mission is decision-sensitive. This means that it does not have the same outcome whichever way your team decides to go. Your team’s and your decisions would influence the way your enemies respond, thus changing the course of the mission with every step you take.

Modern Warfare – Campaign

If you do not play well in teams, this feature is quite a blessing for you. The Campaign mode enables powerful and dramatic single-player gameplays. These covert campaigns will take you all across Europe and the Middle East. You are on a mission to prevent a global outbreak of terrorism, death, and destruction.

The Campaign mode features five key characters.

  • Captain John Price – A British Special Air Services agent.
  • Commander Farah Karim – Freedom fighter and leader of the Urzik Militia.
  • Alex – A career CIA agent.
  • The Wolf – Fighter for the independence of his people.
  • Sergeant Kyle Garrick – A former British Army Officer.

Modern Warfare – Battle Pass

The Call of Duty – Modern Warfare Battle Pass allows players on all available platforms to unlock multiple tiers of free content – maps, operators, modes, and weapons. All these can be unlocked just by playing the game. As and when you progress, new tiers of free content opens up, thus rewarding you for your continued stellar performance.

The Battle Pass enables you to earn up to 1,300 Call of Duty points. These points can be used as cash in the game to purchase whatever you’d like to. The Battle Pass also instantly enables a new operator in the game named Mara. Mara is a Venezuelan national turned CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) agent. She provides intel to the United States. This intel is then, in turn, used to launch covert operations against the terrorist group, AQ (Al-Qatala) sleeper cells.

Another great feature unlocked via the Modern Warfare Battle Pass is operator skins. You can now customize your character as you wish with a range of options available in the inventory. These are just the key features one can get their hands on by opting for the Battle Pass. Additionally, there are over 80 items you can unlock via the Battle Pass by choosing to continue to play the game. XP tokens, watches, you name it, and they are yours if you have the Modern Warfare Battle Pass.

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