When Worlds Collide: ‘Comics vs. Games’ Exhibitions Lined Up

With the artxgame concept swinging into gear in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Tiff has announced some media crossover plans of its own.


The Comics vs. Games project brings five comic creators and five indie game developers together to produce five fully-fledged video games, with one of each developer sub-set working on each individual title.


The scheme, led by Miguel Sternberg of the Hand Eye Society, has yielded five unique games by the names of Black Church, Cumulo-Nimblers, The Yawhg, The Mysterious Aphroditus and We’re No Angels, each of which promise at least some degree of multiplayer action.


In order to promote the project, the five games will be on show at three different exhibitions throughout Toronto, Canada, including the Magic Pony Showcase from April 29th to May 3rd, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival from May 5th to 6th and the Toronto International Film Festival, which takes places between 6th and 16th September. They’ll all be fully kitted out in all their playable glory, and there will also be limited edition prints available for each game.

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