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A Premiere Digital Subscription has the following benefits and Features:

  • Immediate access. Read your first issue right away, rather than waiting several weeks for a print version to arrive.
  • DRM FREE. We don’t treat our customer’s like crooks. PDFs of each issue are sent directly to your provided email account.
  • Automatic delivery. Every issue is sent directly to your computer as soon as its available.
  • Access Anywhere. Anywhere you have access to a computer, you now have access to your magazine.
  • INSIDER ONLY CONTENT! Read exclusive insider stories on our website, download marketing guides, press contact lists and more.
  • EXCLUSIVE RESOURCES: Don’t scour the internet for indie links and PR contacts – download free resources online
  • GET EVERY ISSUE! You’ll have access to Every Issue of IGM Ever Released Online and you’ll receive bi-monthly PDFs of the newest issues.
  • Clutter Free Archiving. Store back issues on your computer fast and easy access.
  • Preferential Treatment. We appreciate the support and are more inclined to push a supporter’s article to the front and featured sections.


What are you waiting for?  You can support Indie Games and the Geeks who write about them for only $24.95! Subscribe now!

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