Witchmarsh is a Dang Ol’ Good Lookin’ Western RPG

Witchmarsh, live now on Kickstarter, is a story-driven, pixel-arted RPG adventure set in a fantastical 1920’s Massachusetts where the ‘Witchmarsh Twelve’ have mysteriously vanished. Players will take control of a pack of investigators, shaped from 11 available classes, in a mission to find and return the Witchmarsh Twelve, looting and battling with sorcery all the way there. The game is also playable in online co-op with 2-4 players, but details on multiplayer are still slim.


The core element of Witchmarsh’s gameplay is its Leads and Clues system; Leads will allow players to access new areas, and following them may lead to a red herring or to progression, while Clues are interpretable by players and, depending on how they’re acted upon, will affect the reputation of the team.


As in western RPG convention, players can expect branching dialogues, dynamic character relationships, and an extensive character creator which developer Inglenook calls a “sandbox” due to its sheer openness. Witchmarsh will also offer players basic character templates in case too much freedom in which hat to wear or which skill to upgrade causes anxiety.


Sporting a Jazz Age soundtrack from Jamestown and Gunpoint composer Francisco Cerda, Witchmarsh promises a thrilling mystery with Lovecraftian and Wodehousian influences that’s unique in every playthrough.


For more on Witchmarsh, including in-depth info on combat and characters, visit their Kickstarter, and keep an eye on IGM for more Witchmarsh in the future.

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