‘Worlds Of Magic’ A Brand New Fantasy Strategy Bringing Back The ’90s

It’s always great to see new strategy games being developed as this has been a somewhat slow genre over the past few years. Wastelands Interactive who may be best known for the creation of Strategic War In Europe are currently developing a brand new 4X fantasy strategy game Worlds Of Magic.


Wastelands Interactive state that this is a project of love and their attempt at recreating the classic 4X Master Of Magic. The hope is to create World Of Magic with heavy influence from the ‘90s classic really bringing back what was so great about Master Of Magic but in a much more modern-day  presentation.


In order to keep every Worlds Of Magic game unique expect the implementation of a procedurally generated universe, ensuring every game is an interesting and unique experience for the players.   Expect all the planes to be randomised each time allowing for a great deal of replayability and unpredictable gameplay as you battle for dominance across this magic infused universe.


Worlds Of Magic will also draw from the D20 system which resembles version 3.5 of the AD&D rules. The D20 system will largely be implemented in the game, however in areas including mana and spell casting it will use a D20 inspired system that makes use of mana points.


Worlds Of Magic hopes to be the game that rekindles peoples love for the classic 4X fantasy genre. Although Paradox Interactive released Warlock Master Of The Arcane the other year that does bring back some of classic World Of Magic vibe we are yet to see how Worlds Of Magic will stack up.


Although not much information has been released yet Worlds Of Magic aims to be the next big 4X. Be sure to follow the development on their facebook page and the official Wastelands Interactive site.


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