XBLIG Game of the Year Nominees 2011

In this post we cover the best XBLIG games of 2011. This category was a lot harder to narrow down.  There were a stable of great Xbox Indie Games released and promoted during the Summer/Winter Indie Uprisings and because the channel/marketplace is so terrible to navigate – there are always gems that we overlook or cannot even find! Remember that you can cast your vote for the 2011 IGM Game of the Year Awards by going here.


The 2011 Nominees:


T.E.C. 3001 – Download/Rate on Xbox.com

What it’s about: T.E.C. 3001 (Tesla Energy Collector) is 3D action platformer.  Think of it as Canabalt in 3D. You run through a virtual world jumping, sliding, and dashing through obstacles.


Why it’s nominated: T.E.C. 3001 has some of the best graphics on the Indie Games Marketplace. It also features awesome twitch gameplay and conveys an excellent sense of speed.


Ninja War: Stolen Scrolls – Download/Rate on Xbox.com

What it’s about: Ninja War is an up to 4 Player Arcade Beat-em-up game.  Each ninja has their own unique element and magic.


Why it’s nominated: Ninja War is not all that original, but it emulates an XBLA classic (Castle Crashers) really well.  It’s great fun and offers a ton of content for $1.


Raventhorne – Download/Rate on Xbox.com

What it’s about: Raventhorne is an epic 2D adventure brawler where you take control of a fallen Norse hero on his quest to reach Asgard and avenge his death.


Why it’s nominated: Raventhorne has a well-written story which is excellently presented.  The game is a straight-ahead brawler, but the overall polish shows off the quality that can be found on the XBLIG channel.


Doom & Destiny – Download/Rate on Xbox.com

What it’s about: Doom & Destiny is a conventional Japanese style RPG with an unconventional mood. It tells the adventures of four nerdy friends trapped in a fantasy realm populated by cliché, strange characters and weirder villains.


Why it’s nominated: Doom & Destiny is an homage and tongue in cheek parody of the JRPG genre.  For those familiar with the genre, there is a lot of wit and humor to be found in this story – along with classic JRPG gameplay.


Astralia – Download/Rate on Xbox.com

What it’s about:  Astralia is “A Real-time Strategy Shooter Experiment” or A.R.S.S.E for short, a top down space shooter with multiple RTS elements.


Why it’s nominated: Astralia has a lot of innovative and different play mechanics.  You control your own ship, but you also have drones whose formations you can change and can control capital ships and more.  It’s awesome to see additional strategy added to the classic shooter genre.


SpeedRunner HD – Download/Rate on Xbox.com

What it’s about: SpeedRunner HD is a 2D platformer all about getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible.


Why it’s nominated: SpeedRunner HD offers instant fun and challenge.  It’s smooth, slick, and a joy to play…plus who doesn’t like being equipped with grappling hooks?


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