‘Xing’: Wander Around Paradise, Discover Lost Civilisations, Time Travel

For a moment there, we were under the impression that we were getting another serene first person ‘walking game’ (Dear Esther, Proteus) with Xing. It’s a puzzle game though, not to say that it won’t let us wander around its beautiful, UDK-made environments, soaking up every inch. There’s even a degree of freedom as to where you’ll place your feet, one after the other too – but of course your task is to solve the various puzzles that lay in wait for you.

You ended up in the mysterious but desolate land of Xing after your spaceship crash landed on a remote island. With nothing else to do, you begin to look around at which point you’ll come across hints of a lost civilisation. Upon entering the caves, you are transported to Xing and from there you’re left to figure your way around this place of floating islands and relics of the past, and potentially the future.

The game rewards the player for exploring, as the dynamic level design adapts to their current goals and objectives. In solving the mystery of Xing, you’ll end up travelling to three different time periods. Though the game is very different to Proteus, it is said that the game’s musical cues adapt to player progression – how it does this and to what effect isn’t exactly clear.

This is all teaser stuff at the moment, but given the premise, the feature list and the look of the game, it certainly seems to be worth sticking your head out for. More information on Xing over on the official website, oh and it’s coming to PC of course.

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