XO Jumps into the Square Enix Collective

Jumpdrive Studios announced that their tactical sci-fi starship game XO has been acknowledged by the Square Enix Collective. The Portland, Oregon-based game development company is currently gathering support on their pitch page, in the hopes of getting to the next stage of the process.


In XO, players control a ragtag fleet of spaceships in an RTS-like environment, while fleeing from an unbeatable alien force. With the last vestiges of humanity represented by the small fleet, the goal is to lead these survivors through enough jump points until they reach safety. Along the way gamers will have to contend with political treachery, dwindling resources, and rescue operations for stranded refugees. Inspired by works like Battlestar Galactica, FTL, and even the developers’ personal experiences running small businesses through economic meltdowns, XO focuses player attention on tactics and difficult choices rather than the precision of traditional RTS titles.


Jumpdrive Studios hopes XO will garner enough gamer support to make them eligible to move to the Collective’s next phase. If enough players leave comments, feedback, or vote that they would support a crowdfunding campaign for the title, then Square Enix may assist the studio in a promotional capacity. A full explanation of the Square Enix Collective can be found on their website. Those interested in supporting XO should visit their Collective page, or stop by the official webpage to learn about where the game may make appearances at gaming expos and conventions. XO is currently being developed for PC, Mac, and Linux systems and will be available on Steam.

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