Zero To Hero: ‘Captain Disaster’ Gunning For 2012 Release

If there’s one thing that this trailer has crowbarred into my blackened mind, it’s that the galaxy can muster a collective scream of terror if the one thing standing between its residents and catastrophe is an emaciated numpty from Birmingham.


Captain Disaster, a point-and-click adventure game undergoing development in the capable hands of David Seaman (no, not THAT David Seaman), along with his accomplices, Taxler Endiosk and Robert McManus, looks set to weave a tale of menacingly cringeworthy comic silliness with a novelty sketch of a male reproductive organ etched in for good measure. It follows the exploits of the hapless titular protagonist, who’s saddled with the unenviable task of having to sort out an intergalactic kerfuffle of epic proportions.


As we’d expect from a point-and-click title, Captain Disaster will be kitted out with a bucketload of interactive puzzles and a cast of larger-than-life characters off which Disaster can execute his humorous behavioural folly. The game’s comedic prowess is upheld by what promises to amount to heaps of fully-voiced dialogue and a host of spasmodic set-pieces, following in the footsteps laid out by the laugh-a-minute adventure titles of gaming reverence.


To find out more about the Adventure Game Studio-developed Captain Disaster, have a good, hard look at its official website.

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