Zombies Can Break Down Doors In Upcoming ‘Minecraft’ Update

Jens Bergensten has alleviated Markus “Notch” Persson from his Minecraft duties and has been getting quite creative so it seems. He revealed on his Twitter account that in the next update of Minecraft, zombies will be able to break down doors.

Up until now, constructing your hobbit hole/house/fort was a shortcut to safety in Minecraft. All of those nasty critters that appeared at night (mostly) were easily repelled by sturdy walls. You do need a door to get in and out with ease though, which is going to become something of a problem for you in the next update.

Okay, look, don’t get too frightened – zombies can only break down wooden doors and they can only do it on the hard and hardcore difficulty setting, as Jens revealed in this tweet.

This is the second reveal that Jens has given away now for the update he is working on for Minecraft. The first was revealed in a previous tweet that said: “Default world height is likely to be increased in the future” and it came with the picture below.

Markus, or Notch as you probably know him, seems to be very happy with Jens’ actions as he said in this tweet: “I am terribly excited about how @jeb_ is doing things to Minecraft I was cautious of doing. This is exactly what the game needs now.”

He could be right; Minecraft will certainly be a little more exciting with zombies bashing through doors on the harder settings, hopefully there will be other just as neat additions to come with the update. We can’t wait to find out what they are!

More information on Minecraft can be found on the game’s official website.

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