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IGM Game Builds – 3 For Free

Welcome to the third installment of 3 For Free,  a series where we take a look at indie projects early in development. The good news for fans is that if you see something interesting here, there..

0rbitalis Turns Space into a Spirograph

0rbitalis began its life during Ludum Dare 28 back in December. Inspired by the theme “You Only Get One”, developer Alan Zucconi developed a game that blended his passion for physics and gaming into a..

Puzzle Platformer Volt Completes its Circuitry on Steam

Earlier this year, Volt released on Android and PC, but was sorely missed on Steam. Recently Greenlit, Volt has now been released on the platform, with early adopters through Desura receiving free keys for the game. Volt stars a..

PAX East First Impressions – Below

Capy Games stormed the PAX East 2014 show floor by unveiling their action game Below. The game was teased last year during Microsoft’s E3 press conference and at PAX we finally got the chance to..

Duskers Early Access Launch Planned for 2014

Misfits Attic Games, makers of A Virus Named Tom, have announced that they are planning early access for their new game Duskers in 2014. The studio hopes the game will be fully launched sometime in..

Review Scores – Who Needs Them?

It’s a topic that’s been discussed for years, that of whether or not we should score games, or review them without any scoring/rating/grade at all. For all the emphasis the mainstream industry places on Metacritic,..