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Super Knight World – An Homage to 8-bit Gaming

Games like Super Mario and Ghouls n’ Ghosts remind us of that era of challenging-yet-simple 8-bit gameplay. Coffeemuggames knows this, and is in the development process for Super Knight World, a game that uses the..

PAX East First Impressions – Revolution 60

It takes some serious balls to promote your indie game as “Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect“, but that’s precisely how the team at Giant Spacekat is describing their debut project, Revolution 60. Well, perhaps “balls”..

Metroidvania-style SOURCE Heads to Kickstarter

(CAUTION: SOURCE contains bright lights and flashing objects, and can potentially cause light-induced seizures. This article contains a video of the gameplay in action, so those with a history of epilepsy or light-induced seizures may..